About Us

Our Company

VeterDrones is a Veteran Owned, FAA Authorized (Part 107) Commercial Licensed and Fully Insured UAS Operator Drone Company. VeterDrones is comprised mainly of former military aviators who possess a distinct and unique talent as well as having the professionalism and fortitude to perform for our clients. If you’re looking for a drone company to deliver videos/photos, thermography, mapping services, real estate, construction progress photos, sports performance analysis, etc., call on VeterDrones! We bring passion and vast experience to every mission and never accept “good enough”.

Our Staff


Brian O’Malley

F-14 Aviator, U.S. Navy Veteran


With over 30 years of military and corporate experience, Brian is a veteran and hands-on owner executive who takes pride and ownership in every project he oversees.  His attention to detail and high level of proactive communication make him a success and make his clients want to work with him time and time again. His project experience covers all aspects of construction and real estate site assessment, design, scheduling, budgeting, equipment acquisition and integration, program and project management and across multiple market sectors such as education, residential and commercial real estate, industrial, mission critical, municipal, public safety and telecommunications. While serving our Country as a Naval Flight Officer for the F-14 “Tomcat”, Brian was a subject matter expert on the “TARPS” tactical air reconnaissance pod system.  Brian gained extensive knowledge regarding tactical aerial photography. His background was a natural fit to today’s technology and the innovative possibilities of aerial drones.

Education, Service and Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science, United States Naval Academy, 1986
  • U.S. Navy, Naval Flight Officer, 1986 – 1996
  • Project Management Professional (PMP), 2001
  • UAS Certified Pilot


Shelley O’Malley

C-2 Aviator, U.S. Navy Veteran


As a Navy veteran and a current Delta Air Lines 767 pilot, Shelley has experience that crosses the spectrum. She has learned to balance the needs of her family, her community and her profession with integrity and honor–attributes that she honed in her time as a Naval Officer. She has established herself as a true professional in the cockpit, as a leader, and in all her varied volunteer duties.

At Delta Air Lines, Shelley was also selected to train and evaluate pilots, as a Seniority List Instructor, and volunteered as a New Hire Pilot Mentor, ensuring that those traits would be highlighted to new pilots joining the team. Her world-wide and aircraft carrier experience both in the Navy and at Delta Air Lines, helped to instill in her the confidence that this is the greatest nation on earth, and that it is so, due to the selfless service of its citizens. She is a tireless advocate for ensuring the next generation is prepared to take its place in maintaining this mantle.

Education, Service and/or Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science, with Distinction, United States Naval Academy, 1987
  • US Naval Aviator Designation, 1989
  • Delta Air Lines, Aircrew Program Designee/PCP/SLI